SSS - Vita Brevis

            She is just tying off the end of her braid when she wanders into the kitchen and hears Peeta singing along softly to some top ten hit playing on the radio. She bites her bottom lip to keep from laughing but it does nothing to conceal the smile when he hits a note that is particularly off key. The floor creeks beneath her step when she walks further into the kitchen, gaining Peeta’s attention as he spins around, spatula in hand. His cheeks burn pink while his eyes rove over her exposed skin.

            “You should probably keep your day job, Dr. Mellark,” she teases lightly as she leans a hip against the counter.

            His cheeks appear to turn redder if it’s even possible as he tugs a hand through his messy mop of curls. “I’m tone deaf. I inherited it from my father. In fact, I don’t think there’s a Mellark that can carry a tune. It’s unfortunate since I love music and I would have loved to be in musicals when I was growing up.” His blush spreads down his neck when he realizes that he’s rambling. “So I hope you like blueberry pancakes.”

When I get home and start emptying my pockets and realize I still have a narcotic I forgot to waste:



Anyone up for a SSS for Vita Brevis? In honor of my second day of vacation I’ve spent quite a bit of time writing today.

Ew … but perfectly gif’d.

Agreed. I gag a bit anytime I’m outside and I hear the familiar rustles of him from across the street. 

It never fails that if I’m outside during the summer, the creepy boy from across the street comes outside and stares at me while I go about my work.

I ain’t putting on a show for your pleasure, kid.

I used a diffuser for the first time and now I feel like a lion. On the bright side I also tried a new nail color called breakfast at Tiffany’s and I think I’m in love.


Maxi dresses.


Maxi dresses.

When you find out that the man whose balls you were elbow deep in yesterday died unexpectedly during the night, you feel an unexplainable wave of guilt wash over you.

Take it from someone with experience.

True Life

I was elbow deep in a man’s moist, yeast-infected groin and scrotal folds today.

"No, you need to get deeper, deeper into the crotch."

That face you just made doesn’t even begin to describe how traumatized I still am by the entire situation.

Meanwhile I have a dying patient whose heart and respirations are causing machines to alarm that I can’t get to because this man is a complete asshole.