I need to start taking better care of myself on work days.

I peed once in 15 hours.

And I didn’t eat at all.

Tomorrow is my first shift as charge nurse. Let’s hope things don’t end like this:

When a doctor I hate is trying to casually chit chat with me



This happened to me this week. Then once I actually begin learning my passwords, they make me change it.

See! This is my problem too! And then I don’t have to change them all at once, so they all end up being different from one another. And of course you can’t just choose easy shit. Like you have to have an upper case letter AND a lowercase letter AND a number OR a special character, but you CAN’T use these special characters and it CAN’T be the same password or partially the same password as the last two passwords you’ve made.

And also you need to sacrifice the blood of your first born.

Good grief.

When you are required to have five separate passwords for work and you lock yourself out of every single program so many times IT knows your name:

"Hi, Bob. It’s Allison… again."

Sometimes I feel like my life is just one giant circus.

And I’m the fucking clown.

Remember when I used to be a semi-cool writer for THG fandom?

Yeah me neither.

Anonymous asked: "Nurses like you are fucking heroes. People seem surprised when I tell them to go easy on nurses (figure out shift change and know they'll be busy around then, ask how their day has been, BE FUCKING PATIENT, etc) but I have all but my clinicals done in a nursing degree and I treat nurses how I'd want treated. Nurses work so, so hard and care so much, they deserve respect. I'll take a good nurse over a doctor 99% of the time. -hugs-"

This message is so sweet - especially after the day my coworkers and I had today. I might have almost started crying.

You’re the best, Anon. Good luck with the rest of your degree!

I wonder if most patients realize they work us into the ground. On the days when they complain that they’ve been waiting an hour to get washed up or they badmouth us because we didn’t have time to get them up for a walk, we leave an hour and a half late and feel like we did a bad day’s work because we had to focus on stabilizing our most critical patients.

Sometimes it just sucks and all I can do is go to sleep and do it all over again tomorrow.

Today my boss officially asked me to work as a charge nurse on the weekends I work. Meaning I’ll be the one directing everyone working on those days.

Does that mean I’m actually an adult?

Does it mean I’m supposed to be responsible?