True Life

I was elbow deep in a man’s moist, yeast-infected groin and scrotal folds today.

"No, you need to get deeper, deeper into the crotch."

That face you just made doesn’t even begin to describe how traumatized I still am by the entire situation.

Meanwhile I have a dying patient whose heart and respirations are causing machines to alarm that I can’t get to because this man is a complete asshole.

True Life

There is a strange man visiting my house and I was in the shower but now I’m done and I can’t leave the bathroom.

Perfect day to spend with mama!rebellion at the zoo.

Perfect day to spend with mama!rebellion at the zoo.

SSS - Vita Brevis

            “Good morning,” he greets softly, tossing the towel into a basket in the corner of the room before slipping back into bed beside her. “Did I wake you?”

            Katniss shakes her head, not trusting her voice to speak evenly when he’s so close, smelling of fresh soap and that musky scent that seems to be permanently embedded in his skin.

            He worries his bottom lip lightly, his eyes shining with joy when he says, “I’m glad you stayed.”

            “Me too,” she chokes out as his hands find their way around her waist. His lips meet hers in a gentle kiss but she pulls away sharply when she tastes the clean spearmint flavor of his tongue.

            He shoots her a worried look but laughs when he notices the way she cringes before covering her mouth with a small, olive-toned hand. Katniss is out of the bed and across the room before Peeta has a moment to protest and she hears him chuckle quietly from the other side of the door once she has raided his cabinets and found a tube of toothpaste.

            “You do what you need to, Katniss,” he says. “Shower if you want. You’re free to use whatever you can find. I’m going to go make breakfast.”

            She stares at the door for a long moment, wondering how on earth she’s managed to find herself here - in a doctor’s bathroom with toothpaste slathered on her right index finger. A few months ago she would have laughed at anyone who suggested she might one day be in this situation. 

I love the bubbles! Fantastic idea…

I didn’t know this wasn’t the norm? Around here it’s outlawed to use birdseed/rice so bubbles have become really common. I actually don’t remember ever seeing anything else except in the movies!

A beautiful wedding on a beautiful weekend.

It wasn’t a bad way to spend a couple days.

Texas boys love to dance and I love it.

And it doesn’t diminish his cool factor that he works for NASA

Fire department showed up at the wedding. #allison shouldn’t be allowed near churches. Lightning might strike.

Fire department showed up at the wedding. #allison shouldn’t be allowed near churches. Lightning might strike.

Old college roomie is getting married today.

Kind of surreal.

There better be tequila involved.

My adventures in nursing:

An actual phone call I had with a doctor today.

Me: “Dr. X, I was calling regarding your post pacemaker patient. An hour and a half ago when I first started paging you I noticed he had developed a hematoma at the site and it’s been growing larger. I put a pressure dressing over it, but it has still gotten a bit bigger.”

Doctor: “He has a hematoma? Well you can’t let it get bigger!”