It looks like cancer.





Can we have tea? And snuggle time? I need some quality snuggle time.


Of course!

You are a wonderful human being.

Can we have tea? And snuggle time? I need some quality snuggle time.

Do I get some kind of bonus if my family members keep getting admitted to my unit at the hospital?


Just keep working?

I feel like I’ve been quiet and pretty distant lately. How has everyone been?

When did human decency go out the window?

(Please allow me a moment to voice my frustrations after spending the day in charge at work and hearing about/dealing with various situations.)

I don’t care if a patient is ten pounds soaking wet or 650 pounds on their thinnest day, they deserve the same care as any other patient. Patient’s deserve to be treated well simply for the fact that they are another human being. Perhaps they are the one at fault for their weight, or maybe not. It’s not as though they’ve gone out of their way to become a bariatric patient out of malice towards nurses. 

It disgusts me that some nurses treat obese patients like second class citizens even though they’ve been nothing but kind (or in the very least - frustrated because their care providers aren’t listening to their concerns). There are absolutely horrible patient’s out there who are mean just to be mean and even abusive towards nurses and they get less judgemental care. 

And it’s not okay to roll eyes or be disgusted with a man who is full of cancer and puking up black stomach contents. You can be grossed out - that’s only human - but save that for when you’re out of the room. As people in the medical profession, we chose to take care of sick people. That sometimes includes some really nasty things. However, that patient isn’t puking just to gross his nurse out. Trust me on that.

Every patient - every human being - deserves to feel safe while they are in the hospital. How can any medical practitioner expect to have the trust of the people they are taking care of when they don’t return equal amounts of respect?

It’s not okay that a patient is afraid to transfer to another unit because she’s had such terrible experiences with the nurses there. So bad, in fact, that she was in tears over the names people called her during a previous admission. It’s not okay that a patient’s wife doesn’t want to leave him alone in our care at the end of the day because he was humiliated over night.

I just want to smack some sense into the fools that think they are better than any of this. No one has a free pass in this world. That could be you. It could be your father, or your mother, or anyone that you care dearly about. Why would you treat another person any differently than you would someone you love?

I need to start taking better care of myself on work days.

I peed once in 15 hours.

And I didn’t eat at all.

Tomorrow is my first shift as charge nurse. Let’s hope things don’t end like this:

When a doctor I hate is trying to casually chit chat with me



This happened to me this week. Then once I actually begin learning my passwords, they make me change it.

See! This is my problem too! And then I don’t have to change them all at once, so they all end up being different from one another. And of course you can’t just choose easy shit. Like you have to have an upper case letter AND a lowercase letter AND a number OR a special character, but you CAN’T use these special characters and it CAN’T be the same password or partially the same password as the last two passwords you’ve made.

And also you need to sacrifice the blood of your first born.

Good grief.